Two Initial Strategic Operating Subsidiaries of the Appleseed Companies

Two Initial Strategic Operating Subsidiaries of the Appleseed Companies

AppleSeed Companies understands the different changes that are happening in digital transformation technology. More specifically, blockchain technology, decentralized financial services, and digital transformation.

AppleSeed is providing senior level C-suite advisory services to lower and middle tiered companies who cannot compete with the more structured, advanced, and mature companies purely based on access to capital and expertise. 

We target and acquire companies with these services to help our clients grow and scale faster and more efficiently. AppleSeed’s two initial recent acquisitions in operating subsidiaries are AppleSeed Securities and Blockchain Consortium.

AppleSeed Securities

We focus on acquiring companies that align with our expertise, with leads in relationships and opportunities our clients would be interested in. The acquisition of AppleSeed Securities as an operating subsidiary was performed to set up AppleSeed Securities, a newly established company to become or to acquire a FINRA Member broker dealer. We believe that operating a broker dealer in the future will help us execute our business plan, serve as a revenue generator, and allow us to provide certain services to our clients. AppleSeed is always looking for companies to provide additional structured and organized systems, processes, applications, and services. 

Blockchain Consortium

AppleSeed Companies provides services under the Blockchain Consortium, Inc. operating subsidiary. The recently operationalized company was acquired to pursue solutions for mid and lower tiered ventures in Decentralized Finance; Managed Fiduciary Services; and Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”). The Company believes the market is ready for Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”).

AppleSeed Companies plans to assign strategic external advisors with expertise in Finance and Blockchain to help companies leverage digital transformation in decentralized Capital Formation, Finance and DLT Technology.

The operating subsidiary will allow the AppleSeed Companies to expand its ability to offer unique combinations in capital formation strategies, products, and solutions to its customers . These are the types of services that would be under the Blockchain Consortium branch of AppleSeed Companies tree. 

Blockchain Consortium is intended to advance and cultivate the market as a social purpose corporation. 

Blockchain Innovation Village, under Blockchain Consortium, is a public-private partnership between AppleSeed Companies and the University of Central Florida.

Blockchain Innovation Village provides education, conferences, events, and hackathons to help advance the market of blockchain, digital transformation and decentralized finance. 

The largest challenge in these sectors is qualified resources.  Under a Blockchain Consortium, AppleSeed is building a network of thinkers and subject matter experts who are specialized in this domain. 

For example, Blockchain Consortium and AppleSeed Companies are providing certification for Chinese based blockchain education to Chinese citizens. The University of Central Florida and Blockchain Consortium are certifying the validity of the contents, as well as the person completing the certification has completed the contents of the course.

As AppleSeed scales our business, we will be able to work with our advisory board and consortium members to scale operations.

The Two Together

AppleSeed Companies is getting infrastructure ready for scalable solutions, in other words, positioning and planting seeds for our acquired branches of businesses.

With AppleSeed Securities as a wholly owned subsidiary of AppleSeed Companies, we can help offer capital formation capabilities as well as well as support mergers and acquisitions.

AppleSeed Companies has taken Blockchain Consortium under our wing in an effort to scale by adding services in that network. Including certification services for blockchain based education.  

AppleSeed Companies Team is looking to additionally acquire other technology, innovation and services companies.

Dr. Mindy Hooper, a member of AppleSeeds Team, is an expert in the field of formulation of teams and integration of teams through years of leadership and organizational development.  As more companies are acquired, Dr. Mindy Hooper will work through a successful alignment of people, practices and products in a uniform way.

AppleSeed Companies access to technology and innovation through our partnerships is what sets us apart from other businesses and companies. 

With Appleseed Companies, our cutting and leading edge technology and team provide services to companies to help reach their potential through opportunities not normally possible. 

Now that you have a better understanding about AppleSeed Companies, and our services, it is important to note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities. However, be sure to follow us on Instagram,@appleseedcompanies , Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all things AppleSeed! 

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