The Who, How, and What of Appleseed Companies!

The Who, How, and What of Appleseed Companies!

Appleseed Companies is a company for the people and our goal is to focus on businesses in Digital Transformation, Decentralized Finance, and Applied Blockchain Solutions. 

We have a unique team of experts who come from well established backgrounds. Here at Appleseed, our team is made up of deep thinkers who work diligently to help businesses reach their full potential. Before we dive in deeper, let’s meet the team.


Who is behind Appleseed Companies, Inc.?  

A team of exceptionally talented individuals: 

Allen Weiss, Chairman and Director

We are a team made up of exceptionally talented individuals. Allen Weiss, Chairman and Director. Weiss served on several prominent boards as a director and has been a critical role in many mergers and acquisitions aligning Fortune 100 industry experience with technology and innovation adoption.

Max W. Hooper, CEO and Managing Director and David Metcalf, Director

Max W. Hooper, CEO and Managing Director studied financial technology with cohorts at MIT, and cryptocurrency and business disruption with cohorts at the London School of Economics.

David Metcalf, PhD, and Director specializes in market readiness in market disruption in the areas of applied blockchain solutions, decentralized finance (“DeFi”), and digital transformation.

Both Metcalf and Hooper have written several books on technology, including Applied Blockchain Solutions, Blockchain in Healthcare, and Voice Technology in Healthcare.

John Lessel, General Counsel and Director

John Lessel, General Counsel and Director at Appleseed. Lessel completed several successful projects involving raising funds, acquisitions, and various transactions.

Hooper and Lessel have worked together for over 40 years on dozens of projects which include  raising funds, acquisitions, and various other transactions. 

A.J. Ripin, Chief Strategy Officer and Treasurer and Matthew Tang, Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary

Ripin has led many international delegations to Israel, Poland, China and more; and Tang has years of experience as a Director of Systems, Director of Strategic Operations, and Director of Enterprise Solutions. 

Now you have a better understanding of who makes up our team at Appleseed Companies, how did these bright minds come together to create Appleseed? 

In sum, the team is one from past experiences and successes together. 

However, the lynchpin is Hooper, or as our CEO A.J Ripin likes to say, “Our Kevin Bacon.” Both ]Hooper, PhD and Weiss have worked together in a few global and community center public-private partnerships over the past ten years. In addition,Allen Weiss, Max W. Hooper, David Metcalf, and A.J. Ripin have worked together throughout the past five years. In addition, David and A.J. worked close to fifteen years together. 


Now that you know more about the team, how was Appleseed Companies born?

Appleseed started with Hooper’s vision, Hooper states, “Changing times create new opportunities and models for wealth creation while helping others – doing well while doing good.” 

This core ethos has since driven everything we do at Appleseed Companies as a convergence in the expertise of our entire team. . 

Hooper’s vision turned into a business in Q3 2020 when our team completed their first two acquisitions: Appleseed Securities LLC, and Blockchain Consortium Inc. Appleseed Securities LLC is a company established for the acquisition of a FINRA broker/dealer. Blockchain Consortium Inc. is a Florida for-profit social purpose corporation whose purpose is to advance education opportunities globally. Blockchain Consortium Inc. also specializes in the area of Decentralized Finance, Managing Fiduciary and Digital Assets. It was not until these events, that we were ready to be put in the position to offer unique combinations of strategic services to middle tier companies.


In short, we are here to help successful companies begin to factor Digital Transition in short and long-term strategic decisions. Our team operates using their advanced expertise in new technology, and innovation with high growth potential. 

Our goal is this:

 To expand our capacity to offer unique combinations of strategic services to lower and middle tier companies and/or and help them prepare for significant disruption through digital transformation, decentralized finance, and applied block chain solutions

 We work with businesses who have well established technology, innovation with high growth potential, strong management teams, a large addressable market, and unique products or services. Bottom line is, at Appleseed Companies, we help businesses and companies gain value and accelerate their performance levels.

That’s Us

Here at Appleseed Companies Inc., we are a team made up of bright minded individuals who are experts in Digital Transformation, Decentralized Finance, and Applied Blockchain Solutions. 

Our mission is to create relationships and opportunities for companies and businesses to reach their full potential. Our goal is to generate capital appreciation by acquiring, building, and expanding. 

Our team has the combination of technology, investment, company acceleration, and corporate board experience that can provide a business with significant competitive advantage in achieving returns through the execution of their strategy. 

Now that you know more about Appleseed Companies Inc. and what we can offer, it is important to note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities. However, be sure to follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Also, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all things Appleseed!

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